When you're a professional speaker, everything makes an impression. Are your slides helping you or hurting you?


When your slides match the level of your speaking, your brilliance shines through. It might be a new look or a completely new presentation, let's see what we can create together?


Sometimes you need a little help getting excited about your material again. That's where I come in.  I live and breathe slides. Let me show you some new ways to ignite your audience.



The number one thing speakers tell me after working together is how much more confident they feel before they speak because they know their presentation is   spectacular.

It's really simple 4-step process to get better slides.

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It all starts with a simple conversation. Pick up the phone and give me a call at 303-396-4265. The best speakers in the world work with me, you might be good friends with them as well. If you want to jump start our conversation here is a link to a questionnaire I use to speed up our process. 

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Let's start off with a 1-hour virtual brainstorm. During the brainstorm you can share what you discuss for each slide and while you do that I am drawing better options for visual images or potential ideas you probably wouldn't come up with on your own. There's an art to the science of audience engagement and I know the secrets to make your ideas come alive. 



From our conversation and brainstorm, I let you select how deep you want to go down this rabbit hole with three pricing packages. Once we both know how much work it will take, I get to work. Depending on the slide package you selected, you get the chance to make suggestions and changes to your design. The goal is to create something together that we are both happy with the results. 


The entire process takes between two to three weeks depending on how in-depth of a presentation we need to create. Once you receive your presentation, together we review how your slides were build so you can modify them if you need and we go over so your unique designs. I'm also on-call for when you need to help creating a custom slides series later or a design clean up. Like I said, I live and breathe speaker slides.