I am passionate about creating slides that help speakers tell a great story with stronger visual impact.

You may have seen some great slides and didn't realize it was my work. My slide designs have been on screen behind some of the best known speakers in the business. Most of my clients have been designated as Certified Speaking Professionals or CSPs by the National Speakers Association (NSA) and many have been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. 

What do the best speakers in the business have in common?

They've worked in partnership with me to create their custom slides, animated models and presentations that flow without distraction. When your slides match the level of your speaking, magic happens. Custom designed slides heighten the audience's experience and increase your brand perception. 

Why Work With Me?

As a professional speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association, I know what you need your slides to do when you present. Why? Because I stand in front of audiences too. As a recovering creative director, I know the visual secrets to use to make your slides memorable and how to develop the right flow into your presentation. With over two decades of experience in marketing and branding, my visual communication skills will help increase your personal brand and increase your speaking fee.

What Speakers Gain After Working Together!

  • Slides that captivate an audience without detracting from your message.

  • Increased confidence that your slides tell the right story

  • Ideas that showcase your brilliance.


Fill out this speaker questionnaire and let's start working together.

Working with Paul is a treat. His eye for detail, talent for design and attentiveness makes him an asset to anyone wanting to amplify their presentations using well designed, animated slide decks. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and highly recommend him.”
— Neen James, CSP, neenjames.com


More About Paul Vorreiter

As a recovering creative director, Paul Vorreiter has spent over 25+ years using creativity to ignite team members, design and build million-dollar brands, and transform workplaces. As a professional speaker, he uses those same techniques to train teams and inspire audiences.

He speaks and teaches workshops to help people develop stronger creative ideas and innovative thinking. Two books a in the works and will be released in 2019.

Paul's strategic way of thinking will help unleash the hidden inside in your presentation.



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